Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What is a marathon?

I always think it's funny when CrossFit refers to "marathoners"'as lsd'ers (long slow distance.). Sometimes they refer to
professional runners as marginal athletes. The original purpose of running the marathon was to race, not just to finish, and indeed they do race. In fact, if you break down their times over 26.2 they run a mid 4 minute mile (again 26.2 at that pace). For most of us, that would be a sprint , if we could do one at that pace at all. My point? When we see these long WODs, our goal should not be to just finish, but to tear it up. Granted, you'll only be able to keep a strong pace for a while, but you'll be able to push it for a long time.

Push Press
100 push press (65/45)
100 m run
100 squats
100 m run
100 sit ups
100 m run
100 1/2 get ups (36/24)

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