Tuesday, August 2, 2011

So this will be a weird one

First sorry for all of you that showed to the 9 am class on monday to find out their isn't one. Now on to the diatribe. I was just looking at some box's post on every day being an accomplishment. I don't want to sound demotivational, but I seriously doubt that it works that way. It's kind of like when boxes have the slogan "elite athletes live here." Most of us are not elite athletes, nor is everyday an accomplishment. However, many of us came from a state of soft, unhealthy status quo. There are many things to be proud of in our journey, but thinking your first pull up (kipping) makes you elite is probably a road block. Why would you push yourself any harder today when the last five days have been accomplishments? I often tell new CF'ers that hitting 9 PR's in a row is due to the state they were in. I do this because I love kicking kittens. Seriously, any of you that have been back squatting for the last several years know that you expect Pr's few and far between. If a newbie hits 1 or 2 and is content as you, what's that going to do to their journey. So, every day is not an accomplishment, it's product of what you put into it. Push it kids. Push it. (And if I put this on Facebook, everyone better "like" it)

7min AMRAP

40m side shuffle
15 situps
15 pushups

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