Friday, August 12, 2011

4 announcements for a Saturday Morning

First (and this one is serious), Coach V lost an envelop in the gym containing around $800 in cash. It was in a white Chase Bank envelop. We are desperately hoping that someone reading this found it and was wondering who it belonged to. Please email V at

Second, if you are reading this before noon on Saturday, please come support the CFSJ team at the CrossFit Lifeworx competition. The comp. starts at 9am and goes until 1 pm. They are located on the SE corner of Union and Camden Ave's. Please see yesterday's post for address.

Lastly, I got your envelops for the jump ropes. If you ordered a shirt, you will get that next week. If you did not get your payment in by today, please email me and let me know you still want a rope.

And a reminder that the body fast testing truck will be in the parking lot on Saturday.

5 min Amrap
10 good mornings (65/45)
10 db O.H. lunges (25/15)
10 sqauts
rest 1 min
5 kb swings (24/16)
10 burpees

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