Sunday, August 7, 2011

Announcments and news

So this week there are a few things to be aware of:

First, the jump rope order is going in (really) at the end of this week. This is your last chance. The sign-ups will be next to the key board. There will also be payment envelops. Please fill it out and put enclose your payment. (If you don't get your payment in by Friday, I can't place the order for you.) You can also get a t-shirt this way as well. Please give completed envelops to trainers. I will email you confirmation of payment and order.

The Dunk Tank is coming. Reminder to all those that signed up, the dunk truck to get fat tested is going to be at CFSJ this Saturday in the AM.

Lifeworx throw down. Thanks to Matt Moore for organizing teams. It looks like CFSJ will have two compete at Lifeworx this Saturday morning. Sign in is at 8 AM. I believe that the competitions will begin around 9.

5x 30 sec max weighted planks (adding weight each time)
during your rest attempt max hold l-sits


Tabata Something Else
4 rounds of 8 20 sec intervals (each interval is followed by 10 sec of rest) of
pull ups
push ups
sit ups

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