Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So then what makes it special

If simply showing up and PR'ing Fran doesn't put you in the same league as Olympic gold medalists, then what is so special about it, and us? I mean you don't see Zumba'ers drinking the Koolaid and walking around like they are superhuman. The difference is that what we do in an hour (or more, and you know who I am talking about) is really really hard. Sometimes we do it well and sometimes we suck at it, but we always hit it hard. I mean why else would the winner of a CF Games heat catch their breath and go cheer on the person in last? Why does the crowd go crackers for the person that has just a few more seconds to finish a WOD (even though they won't win?). It's the struggle. We walk around full of pride because we take on the struggle out of choice. We drop the bar and get back on it, we feel acidosis and push through it. This way, when there is a challenge that means more than getting your name on a board (don't ask), we know what it feels like to give it everything. No pacing! No gaming!

3 x 3 pos cleans (bottom to top)

10 rounds of
5 burpees
5 frog jumps

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