Thursday, August 18, 2011


I"m turning in early tonight.  Another burner WOD today!  We'll post the WOD pic first thing tomorrow morning.

I'll post all of the details for the Paleo Challenge tomorrow night.  For the dates, it begins Monday 8/22 and lasts 60 days.

Today's WOD:


Calorie Row
KB Swings (53/35)
Wall Balls (20/14)


Caleb said...

I am in for the challenge. I've been eating paleo for about 2 months and have lost almost 15 lbs. I'll just have to eat a lot this weekend and stick my stomach out for the "before" picture. Maybe I'll take it in really bad lighting as well.

Grumpy Cavewoman said...

It's morning.

Jason said...

I know right...I have to get some of the morning folks to remember to take pics and post results. It's tough though at 5am. Especially if the board gets erased.