Sunday, August 14, 2011

More Announcements!!

What's up with this pic?  Onion rings, clam!!  The Paleo Challenge is right around the corner, and these are things you'll choose to give up if you accept the challenge.  Yes, we've been saying for a few weeks now that we'll have a Paleo Challenge.  If seems fitting to follow the dunk tank with the challenge.  So, starting Monday 8/22, we'll challenge those who are willing, to live Paleo for 60 days.  What does this mean?  In a nutshell, eat lean meats, chicken, fish, vegetables, some fruit, nuts and seeds.  It can be that easy, but in reality, not.  Stay tuned for some additional information this week.  Also, don't be shy with questions.

In other news, starting Sept 1st, we will be adding O-lifting/Strength classes.  There's been lots of interest, especially from those who participated in some dedicated strength work we did a (long) while back. Stay tuned for more details.  Please let me ( know if you're interested.  

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Jason said...

Today's WOD was:

3 rope climbs anywhere
10 bent over rows
100m overhead barbell walk

4 Rounds