Friday, August 19, 2011

Danny Barrett's first RX'd WOD

Just in case you're having a hard time reading this, we do have a close up to prove that Danny actually completed his first RX'd WOD.  I would love to have seen this, or at least a photo of him actually climbing a rope. Nice work Danny!!  You've just raised your bar.  

As promised, a few more details for the Paleo Challenge.  

The challenge begins 8/22 and ends 60 days later on 10/21.  
Please take pics from the front and side views, and have them submitted by 8/26.  
Guys, please send your pics to
Ladies, please send your pics to
You do not have to log your food.  

Please don't hesitate if you have questions or want additional clarification.  

Today's WOD: 

5 Rounds

800m Row
1 Rope climb

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