Friday, July 22, 2011

What is Rx?

It's not simply synonymous for badassed. The reason for caring about pursuing the Rx next to your name is because it means that you are proficient enough (in strength and technique) to do the entire WOD correctly. And, the reason for wanting to do it correctly, isn't just some set of competition rules to make sure your work was the same as mine, but it's it make sure that you achieving strength and mobility over the full, natural range of your joint's movement. Bounce a deadlift hard off the ground and you're in essence doing a deadlift from the blocks. Burpees without ever opening your hips will eventually shorten you hip flexors. The emd point of WODs in the box is practice, not competition. Constantly finding ways to make a standardized movement more "efficient" will eventually rob much of the benefit out of it. Case in point the kipping knees to elbows. This take a majority of the benefit to your abs quads hips etc. Rx is getting the most out of a WOD.

Tabata sit up
Tabata superman hold
Tabata plank
Tabata leg raise hold

5 hspu
5 thruster (135/95)
5 toe to bar
5 burpee
5 deadlift (245/155)

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