Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

So how often do you hear someone say they really don't know anything? Realistically, we should all be saying the same thing, especially when it comes assessing mobility and making medical diagnosis. Thank you K-Starr for giving us some crazy applications of stretching and joint mobility with some really in-depth explanation of what is going on. Now, that gives many of us a little bit of knowledge, so that when the middle school teacher comes in with shoulder pain we can talk about the girdle and infraspinatus and possible inpingements. Look, we do pretty well at taxing your energy systems to better strengthen and condition you, but there are these things called doctors (which K-Starr is one of) that are the experts to why your shoulder hurts. And, most importantly…listen to them. Don't ask the English teacher. (By the way, it's okay to ask her. She is a doctor.)

FIght Gone Bad

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Grumpy Cavewoman said...

It's my supraspinatus. :p