Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tip of the day

So with the new ropes come new injuries. Most notably is the rope burn. There are a couple of ways to take care of this. Super sexy long striped socks are one way (to get laughed at.) My favorite is the Mc David thigh wrap. It has velcro and will go around your calf. You can yank it off when done with rope climbs and the material is thick enough to completely insulate your leg. They aren't too expensive either. Should you get a rope burn, treat it like a cut and alcohol or peroxide it. Carry on.

3 rounds
10 ohs (95/65)
15 pwr cleans
20 floor wipers
400 m run


Brandon said...

Rope burns? OK, who's pretending the ropes are fireman poles?

Jill said...

Brandon, well said, I was going to mention that if you ascend and descend using your feet to stand on the rope you should be able to avoid any rope burns, but may lose a little bit off of the lateral aspect of the arch of your shoe on your dominant side.... At least that is what happens to me!