Sunday, June 19, 2011

So some good news

Too many times, blogs like this harangue you about not eating like crap. Well, eating like crap tastes good, and it is fun. So instead, for the next few posts I'll talk about how to eat good without feeling like you are eating good. Carbs and sugars are definitely killers, and there has been much research about that (but it doesn't make broccoli taste like pizza.) So, what to do. The first is focus on replacing sugar. This is typically the biggest cheat that we are drawn to, and it is the most devastating on our liver, endocrine system and overall health. Luckily there is Stevia. A plant extract with no calories and no known side effects (after years of study.) Stevia can replace, and should replace, refined sugar, molasses and agave in drinks and recipes. Try it in your smoothies first to prove the point. This might get you through some of the cravings without the toll.

5 x 3 pos clean @ 70%

hang pwr clean (95/65)
with a jump rope run after each round

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