Thursday, June 9, 2011

Proper recovery

I have seen nothing more awesome lately than 25 peeps on the new rack doing strict pull-ups. Many were people that were using bands 6 weeks ago. Congratulations, but two things need to be considered. 1) You'll need to maintain that strength, so though in a few (not necessarily a lot) to your warm ups. 2) You'll need to take care of your lats. Hanging from the bar, gently tightening your lats and then relaxing your lats several times will help. The other trick is foam rolling. Place the foam roller on the floor, lay your armpit on it and gently roll to the bottom of your lat. Be careful to not roll down to your ribs. If this is a first for you, you will wonder why anyone does it, but when you finish you'll see why; greater flex in the overhead position and more ability to tap your strength. A tight muscle is a week muscle.

(look it up)

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