Thursday, June 2, 2011

Let's Get Ready to Rumble

So we have many great athletes at CFSJ, but this weekend it is all about the spunky little girl with the little voice and the big PR's. Ashley will be at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds and would like some support, if you please. She asked me to post this, because she does better with her friends around her. (I am kidding on the first point, but dead serious on the second. Unfortunately, she will be competing in her first round when most of us were in work, but if you can, ditch! Plus she will be competing all weekend. (Lucky her.) If you haven't gotten your tickets, go here


Jill said...

Go get em Ashley!!! Sorry I can't go today, but I'll see you tomorrow and Sunday!!! I know you'll kill it! Lightweight !!

Grumpy Cavewoman said...

You go, Ashley!!!!!!!!! I'm so sad I'm missing you this weekend. I'll be thinking of you every second! You better win! :D We love you!!