Sunday, June 12, 2011

Life as Rx'd

So what is Rx'd (or prescribed)? Many times it comes up, we think of it as the weight in the WOD, and with that we wouldn't do the King Kong WOD as Rx'd (deadlift 455 and clean 255) if our lifts were only 1/2 of that? We'd get nowhere. Well, the same goes with a bodyweight WOD like today's. Running, sit ups and back extensions don't let you vary the weight, but there is a prescribed range of motion (and there actually is for all of the movements we do.) Cutting the back extensions short of coming to the top or doing 3/4's of a sit up are hardly what the dr. called for. So then what does prescribed (Rx'd) mean. Think of it like a prescription that the dr. gives you. You don't get a course of antibiotics to see how bada$$ed you are. You get them to make you better. Prescribed weight and range of motion is done to make you better. If you can't get to the Rx right now, you will need a different course of action until you can accomplish the Rx. Kipping your push ups, or short ranging your squats (weighted or body weight) in order to claim Rx does nothing to make you better, and it might make you worse. Listen to your dr.

2 x 10
1-2-1 ball push ups

3 rounds
800 M run
50 sit ups (abmat, not ghd)
50 back extensions

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