Thursday, June 16, 2011

Recovery (Again)

So, the last 7 days were probably harder on our muscles than we have been on them in a long time. That is not to diminish the work that we did in the past, and this is definitely not to say that the last 7 days were the smartest of programming. (But, boy did it look good on paper.) My guess is that while many of you are burning me in effigy for 20 some lousy walking lunges, you are also walking around, sickly proud that you are able to workout again through the soreness (very different from pain.) However, if we did this again, we would have the largest private gym in around. With this being said, there are sometimes when conditions necessitate more recovery than normal. Long, slow stretching of the hammies and glutes (like minutes at a time) will do you good when the soreness goes away. Start now to avoid any residual tightness, and listen to your body (but make sure you are understanding if she is telling you "sore" or "pain".)

6 Hang pwr cleans (135/95)
8 Pistols
10 Ring/bar dips

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