Friday, June 10, 2011

Power Output Training

I was reading an article describing an increase in training regiment by something called PRE (perceived rate of exertion.) That means you can gauge gains by the notion if it "feels more difficult" and you are keeping the intensity up, then you are improving. Hmm, my 800m time stays the same, but it feels harder, then I'm better? Every off day would be a PR.

I much prefer the quantitative measurement of power output. You do a certain amount of work over a given time (i.e. Fran), and of your time goes down, you've done more work. Fair enough? This is why so many of us want to gram more weight than Rx, but smoking the time is just as beneficial, and realistically a better measure. Once the time plateaus, then kick up the weight for a challenge.

3 - 3 minute rounds
5 pwr snatches (95/65)
5 ring rows
5 air wall balls (20/16)

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