Sunday, June 26, 2011

Only Three Weeks to the Grand Re-Opening

And there will be a throwdown. The specifics of the WOD(s) will not be released until the day of the event, but I can tell you that there will be some real competition. Already, Moxie, Silicon Valley and Lifeworx have all committed teams to compete against us. So how are we going to decide our teams? Starting this Thursday at 7 PM, we will be offering a competition skills class. This trial class will focus on the skills that have shown to be the most problematic in the comps. It will not be a WOD or lifting class (so either treat this as your rest day, or do your WOD earlier.) This will be an instructional/evaluative class that will eventually send you off with things to work on in your warm up and cool down time. Attendance in this class is not mandatory to try out for the team.

Then on Saturday, July 9th we will be holding an intra-gym team competitions at 11 am. Come with a team in place or show up for some pick up action. The top teams will them compete against the visitors on the 16th. Stay tuned for more info on the Grand Re-opening.

75 deadlifts (3/4 bodyweight)
25 burpees
50 deadlifts
50 burpess
25 deadlifts
75 burpees

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