Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Practice makes perfect

So this post might only apply to a few of you directly, but as a generality, there are many of us that could benefit by applying this to our daily lives. We come to the gym for an hour (or so) a day. During that time we stretch, lift and workout (i.e. metcon), and in this same amount of time we expect to master handstands, muscle ups (I know the rings are coming) and O'lifts. Seriously, these moves take lots of time, but there is one thing that you can do to help. Think about the Burgener (yes with a U, named after the lifting coach), the five part warm-up with the dowel. How many times do you approach this warm up like a heavy lift (i.e. thinking about the set up, concentrating on each movement), or how many times do you run through it like shoulder dislocates? What would happen to your lifts if you did all of your practice during this time and then did not have to think when you went for the big pulls. The warm up (whether it be this or push ups) is a perfect time to think, focus and practice. Life is too short to sleep walk through it.

12 star jumps
14 kb swings

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