Friday, May 6, 2011

When to go heavy

...or when to not. Jill's cheering from the peanut gallery yesterday (and not to make this an "inside" blog) got me thinking. Rarely do we, around the box, tell others to go lighter (barring cases of safety and injury), however, there is a purpose and an expected outcome for everything. So when in a WOD, do you challenge yourself to some extra weight and when do you hold back and still feel that you aren't sandbagging? Well a good rule of thumb is that if a WOD is a work limited (i.e. fran, helen, etc.), and you feel the need, go little heavy for a change. Your time will be off, but you will still do the same amount of work. If the WOD is time limited (i.e. an AMRAP or FGB), then try to stick with the Rx. The point is that you are trying to move as fast and much as possible in the given amount of time. Think about it, how badA.. are you really going to get in an AMRAP deadlift in 10 when you pump the Rx 225# up to 400# and get 2? True, you hit 400#, but how much work did you do, and how well did you really alter your work capacity?

Run 2k
5 rounds of
10 burpees
20 wallballs (20/16)
30 abmat sit ups
Row 2k

Just get done before the next class starts.

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Jill said...

I get it, I get it!!!!