Monday, May 9, 2011

Standards are Stoopid. N' stuff.

"That's right, why should I give a crap?" "I'm not competing or anything. " "So I cheat my rep a little?" "What's the big deal?" Well, sometimes I would agree (especially with some of the standards with the sectionals), however, around the box there are reasons to opening the hip, contracting the muscles, going to parallel, etc. The reason is that we are making you flexible, fluid, strong, etc. Not opening up at the top the box jump, shorting your sit ups and not going full range on your push ups will give you a short range of motion, which will in turn shorten (but strengthen) your muscles, kinda like a body builder, and we know how flexible they are. So if you want it to be easier to get into a chair, and really hard to get out of it, then short your reps.

100 kbs (russian)

Every minute on the minute
5 strict pull ups
8 (er uh 6) burpee box jumps


Valentino said...

shh! I think Ashley hears the train coming.

Jim M. said...

For those of us that are CF geeks, how would you input that WOD into beyondthewhiteboard?

Valentino said...

By using your hands, duh!

Lance said...

Jimbo, you would count rounds completed only within the 60 sec. interval. BTW, how's the back?