Tuesday, May 24, 2011


As you may have noticed, there have not been any rest days in the past four weeks. We moved from the 3 on 1 off posting for a couple of reasons (but the main one being that we never had a rest day at the gym.) With this being said, we do not expect anyone to come 7 days a week, so, once a week, we'll post something about recovery. If it is not your day to take off, say the advice for that (hopefully, those) days. With that said...

Muscle recovery. Let's talk about the role of protein to recovery and rebuild. With the CrossFit workout, we do a lot of damage (intended and controlled) to our muscles. This influences rebuilding (hence getting stronger), and this is done through the body synthesizing new proteins. Taking in quality, lean protein will aid those muscles in recovering. Do not (if you can help it) use your off day as your cheat day. Fish, chicken, eggs, proteins that are easy to digest will get to the muscles more quickly, getting you prepped for the next WOD. Check out RobbWolf.com for more info on this.

5 Rounds
10 OHS 65/95#

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