Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Test Wod

So some WODs are meant to strengthen and condition (these are the majority of the unnamed WODs we run), while others are meant to test progress (and yes those strength and condition too, but not as well.) The 300 is a classic test WOD. In fact, it was created by Gym Jones (don't get sucked in, it's easy to do) to measure the progress of the cast of 300 while training. If you have nothing better to do, and you actually read the article, you'll see the training was way more intense, involved and varied than this one workout, but the WOD was a decent measure of multi-modality training. The point is to use a WOD like this to check your own progress against yourself and others (you can fid results posted on beyond the whiteboard.)

25 pull ups
50 deadlififts (135/95)
50 push ups
50 box jumps (24')
50 floor wipers (135/95)
50 kb clean and press (not swinging, 1 arm at a time)
25 pull ups


Lance said...

I already know what you're saying. "2 days of Harj posts." Look closely at the tights. They are high tech and he had a green mask. I think it was a superhero.

Grumpy Cavewoman said...

300 is one of my all time favorite silent movies. Yeah, that's not me. I'd never wear tights.. :p