Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wallsballs A'comin'

So there really isn't much vinegar to this post, but you will all be happy to know that if (hint hint) there were wallballs tomorrow, you will not get snoot full of wall popcorn. As for a couple of notes on the last couple of days of programming. There have been questions about how to measure yesterday's wod. My thought is count only the rounds that you were able to complete within 60 secs. If this comes around again, chart progress by the increase in rounds that you completed. This wod is a good change up for understanding your limits because you can't half-a$$ it. You either make the round or you don't (unless of course you cheat, but then what is the point of working out.) Most of us (not me), will push through the point of exhaustion and frustration to gauge our potentials.

KB clean

3 x 5 deadlift @80%

5 min amrap
5 toes to bar
10 lunges
rest 2 minutes
5 min amrap
5 deadlift (155/105)
10 double unders

1 comment:

Valentino said...

Nice workout design, Matt!and great job at 4pm for those that stepped up their game with a DU(no sub)!!! Great practice.