Thursday, April 21, 2011

Keeping Up With Challenges

Way over half way done, but way more than half the work to go. What keeps you motivated? How do you push through and overcome excuses? Just getting through whatever challenge it is (whether in record time or not) can be the accomplishment. Don't quit now.

100 ft lunges
21 pull ups
21 sit ups
100 ft lunges
18 pull ups
18 sit ups
100 ft lunges
15 pull ups
15 sit ups
100 ft lunges
12 pull ups
12 sit ups
100 ft lunges
9 pull ups
9 sit ups
100 ft lunges
6 pull ups
6 sit ups


Jim said...

Justin congratulations to you and Summer on your new addition to your family. I hope you all are well and doing good. Congratulations.

Lance said...

Yeah, please get me a pick @ We love the CFSJ babies.