Thursday, September 29, 2011


 Boris repping out some heavy OHS.  I would have a video of Sid repping out some heavy Back Squats, but he didn't get to them until nearly 8pm.  You know Sid, he takes an hour just to warm up!!

I saw some great efforts and intensity tonight.  Keep it up and continue to push yourselves hard.  More likely than not, your limitations are in your mind.  Even though it's hard as hell, becoming comfortable with feeling uncomfortable will take you to the next levels.  Whether that's a faster Fran time, or a new DL PR...continue to push yourselves and continually set new goals.  

Today's WOD: 

40-25-15 reps

Pull Ups
Dumbbell Power Cleans (45/25)
Sit Ups
Trail Head run after each round.  

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