Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Athlete Spotlight - Kenny Baker

Kenny has been with CFSJ for 3 years. His previous athletic experience was all mountain biking and BMX. Kenny did not do any high school or college sports because that would take away from his obsession with the bike! When asked what his favorite WOD was I was amazed how people walking by wanted to answer for him. I suspect it is because he is a very popular guy who people love to tease because he takes it so well. His favorite WOD is FGB and least favorite is Murph. When he started CrossFit his Fran time was 11:00, now it is a very respectable 5:00. Kenny says CrossFit has definitely improved his biking in all ways. Kenny works for Easton-Bell in Scotts Valley as a Product Engineer for their Motorcycle division. Kenny also hosts a fun horseshoe event called the Eastbay Horseshoe Summer Series.


Partner carry to the trailhead and back (switch at trailhead)
Partner being carried must do 5 burpees everytime you are dropped by your partner.

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