Monday, October 17, 2011

Athlete Spotlight - Julie Morici

Julie has been at Crossfit for close to 5 years. "I first became aware of CF when Tim Lyon's nephew was coming out to California from Ohio to train for MMA and Tim's brother, Mike told us to check out Crossfit SJ and we did--my first workout was fight gone bad and I was hooked...go figure!!! Feared the white board--Zombie,Linda, Mike, Rex, and Ray challenged like non other and I grew to look forward to their zest!!! Worked out side by side with Cain Velasquez, current UFC heavy weight champion of the world--favorite memory was doing star jumps with him...didn't realize who was pushing me!
Athletic history--my joy is trail running---nothing better than the freedom of running down hill!
Prior to Crossfit, I was trained by the Reebok champion aerobics instructor who was way ahead of her time in terms of weight lifting and core workouts...didn't know it at the time!
I had a major setback a couple of years ago--had a dissected carotid in my brain--lucky to be back and gaining health, so I appreciate my workout all the more!" Julie favorite saying from one of the coaches is " an athlete is someone who never gives up trying"


Ball Slam (20/16)
Box Jump (24/18)

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